CASTLE briefs are intended to help practicing and preservice school administrators with various technology leadership issues. Between 500 and 2,000 words in length, CASTLE briefs attempt to answer the question, “What do school administrators need to know about this technology leadership topic?” Some CASTLE briefs are classic research or policy briefs; others may be more practice-oriented or focus on thought leadership in a particular area.

ANYONE may write a CASTLE brief. Sometimes we will extend invitations to authors but we also accept at-large submissions. We are open to your ideas about content, format, and style but please note that we frown upon commercial advertisements disguised as briefs. Images, audio, video, and other multimedia are welcome inclusions in a brief. We would prefer APA citation style for your references section. All CASTLE briefs will be made available under a Creative Commons attribution-share alike copyright license.

The list of briefs is below. We also are maintaining a list of example topics and potential ideas and encourage others to add to it. If you’ve got an idea for a CASTLE brief, send us an overview, outline, or completed brief for consideration!

Professors: Writing a CASTLE brief is a great class assignment for your students!



  1. What does the research say about school one-to-one computing initiatives? (May 2012; Nicholas J. Sauers & Scott McLeod, University of Kentucky)