CASTLE is regularly engaged in a variety of specific projects and we enjoy being a global leader . Some of these projects are ongoing and some have specific beginning and ending points. The projects are identified and initiated by various elements of the CASTLE community and approved by the directors. 

Some of these projects are made possible through the support of both financial and operations partners. We are very thankful for all the support that CASTLE related projects have received and are always welcoming to new opportunities to make the world a better place.  

The Current CASTLE Projects are below with archived and spin-off projects listed at the bottom. 

Current Projects

Blogging Network

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CASTLE helps to coordinate and maintain an active group of blogs related to all issues in education leadership as part of our core mission in service of UCEA. 

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Next Generation Leadership Academy

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The Next Gen Academy is a project of the UK College of Education in which CASTLE serves in a lead design and content delivery role. The Next Gen Academy has worked with hundreds of school leaders across Kentucky to transition to more relevant and learning centered schools.  

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CASTLE wants to connect the scholars all over the world that are doing research on issues at the intersection of technology, leadership, and education. Headed by Dr. Helen Wang, in this series we interviewed scholars all over the world to learn a bit more about them and help connect them to other scholars. 

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The Keep & Space Design

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CASTLE is the primary operator of the Keep, which is room 063 in the College of Education. We also frequently consult on space design in other areas of campus and in schools. 

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1-1 Computing Events


Both through CASTLE and through related personnel and companies, particularly Nick Sauers,  we host several conferences each year on 1-1 computing in schools. 

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CASTLE team members regularly work with developing countries to support elements of their education system. Led by Jayson Richardson CASTLE has been active in locations such as Cambodia and Egypt and has done work for the World Bank and for USAID and has led to development of such research as the International 1-1 Database.